Foods that shrink fibroids

‘Fear is the key’ was a very popular novel by Alistair McLean but to a person with fibroids, it need not be so as this can be cured if one only knew the right foods that shrink fibroids. Food and fibroids are closely related and foods affect a person’s health and weight and therefore, it is a natural conclusion that if one controlled her diet, she will be able to do away with her fibroids which have been plaguing her life for a while.

Fibre foods to fight fibroids

One has to know that foods rich in fibre are foods that shrink fibroids and this fact has been proved by many researches and a person with fibroids is advised to eat as much as fibre as possible. These are available in fresh green vegetables, and many other fresh, fleshy vegetables available at the green grocers. It is advisable for a person to eat foods that shrink fibroids boiled and not add butter or any other fattening substances to it as it can negate the effect of fibre present in it.

Some particular foods that shrink fibroids

Other than fresh, green and leafy vegetables, there are certain fruits that serve to add to one’s mineral and vitamin content. Some of the other foods kelp, seaweed and other sea vegetables which also serve to regulate one’s thyroid functions. The other foods are soy foods that can increase hormone production in a woman’s body. All these serve to remind a person that one must avoid fried foods and those seeped in cholesterol producing fats, sugars, alcohol and caffeine.

What else can one eat?

One can eat plenty of pineapple as it contains a substance called bromalein, which serves to reduce any kind inflammation in one’s body. Others who desire milk products can eat plain, unflavored yogurt which helps to increase digestive powers of a person. Ground flaxseeds can be sprinkled onto salads, soups and other drinks in order help one lose weight.

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